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Arctic Wolves - Introduction

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Arctic wolves are the safest mammals on earth, largely because they live in the most inhospitable regions of the planet. They are concentrated in North America, mainly along its polar edge, and in Greenland, where few humans adventured throughout history. However, some species can be found in Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada. Arctic Wolves (Canis Lupus Arctos) are in many ways similar to their Grey cousins, which can be found almost all the way across the western hemisphere.

Because Arctic wolves haven't dealt with humans as much as their gray counterparts have, they react in a specific way, should a human appear within their range. While most grey wolves seek safety either in attack or in flight, an Arctic wolf may simply stand still and stare. This can even contribute to establishing long-term contacts with animals and befriending them. A senior research scientist of the Biological Resources Division, managed to spend several summers in a company of Arctic Wolves. He even had his boots unlaced by one of them.

Because of lack of access, there have been few opportunities for a careful study of this subspecies. Therefore, little is known about their history and evolution. But their kinship with gray species is evident, because Arctic Wolves retain great similarity with those.

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Mexican wolf babies should not be taken home, as they are difficult to raise and the conservation status of the species is threatened.

Arctic WolfArctic WolfArctic Wolf
Arctic WolfArctic WolfArctic Wolf
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